Vargas & Lagola team up with Spotify for livestream concert


Vargas & Lagola is the artist name of Swedish duo Vincent Pontare and Salem al Fakir, who recently released their second album ‘Mount Alda’. To promote it, they’re doing a livestreamed concert on 25 November, promising “a holistic experience, a visual journey, where we trigger all senses”. Which is nice, but what’s really interesting about it is the partner: Spotify.

“The collaboration with Spotify is unique in its form since no similar investment has been made previously by the streaming service,” is how Universal Music’s announcement described the partnership, so it seems more than just a branding thing.

Set this alongside our story last week about Spotify hosting a livestreamed concert based on its ‘Tokyo Super Hits’ playlist, and a picture starts to emerge of the streaming service doing more with livestreaming – albeit with specific, localised examples for now rather than a grand joined-up strategy.

Stuart Dredge

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