Noisy is a Discord bot that generates AI music for groups


This feels like a very modern story: there’s now a bot for chat app Discord that will serve up AI-generated music in the style of Chopin, Lady Gaga or Frank Sinatra.

People running a Discord channel can invite the bot – Noisy – to join to provide them with a soundtrack, using the MuseNet technology launched by tech firm OpenAI in 2019.

Besides the three options listed above, the bot will also generate music in ‘genres’ including Mozart, Rachmaninoff, country, Disney, jazz, Bach, Beethoven, Journey, The Beatles, ‘video’, Broadway, bluegrass and Tchaikovsky.

This post on the Product Hunt website by co-founder Jonathan Xu explains more. “Over the pandemic, my friends started to socialize online more than ever. One major aspect that we all felt had been missing was the ambience of listening to music together, during study sessions and game nights,” he wrote. “On Discord, there weren’t any good alternatives for us; many songs are copyrighted and require users to actively manage a playlist. “That’s why I built Noisy with my friends Vincent, Ricky, and Aaron to be a free, simple bot that can be set up in 2 minutes. AI-powered music generation has reached a point where we can have quality, original music that sounds beautiful, and we want to share an endless stream of good compositions for groups like ours on Discord.”

Stuart Dredge

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  • Frank E says:

    I just wanted to point out that I use the spotify recommended playlists combined with the bot to do the same thing, since it’s ad-free listening in a VC with friends with the ability to queue playlists and songs individually without affecting the ai overall. also it pulls lyrics for the song I’m listening to, and can add in twitch/youtube/bandcamp/soundcloud sources right in the queue.

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