Apple has been doing a lot of work around augmented reality technology with its iPhone and iPad software and ARKit developer tools, but rumours that the company might be working on a full-blown AR headset persist.

An interview with the company’s AR team by CNET offers a little more fuel for that fire. “AR has enormous potential to be helpful to folks in their lives across devices that exist today, and devices that may exist tomorrow, but we’ve got to make sure that it is successful,” said Mike Rockwell, head of AR at Apple – with the ‘may exist tomorrow’ line getting the bloggers hot and bothered.

There’s also a quote from senior product manager Allessandra McGinnis about the way “even with a headset, the phone will be where all the computation happens. And you can stream to the glasses potentially”.

But the full piece is worth a read for a breakdown of what Apple’s current strategy is around AR, and how it can evolve.

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