“Dear Spotify, show us where your money comes from…” The latest ambient banger on the streaming service is, well, it’s about the streaming service.

‘Dear Spotify’ is one of five tracks on a new EP called ‘Justice at Spotify‘ by hotly-tipped emerging artist the Union of Musicians & Allied Workers and… Okay, it’s not a hotly-tipped artist, it’s the US-based union that recently launched a campaign called ‘Justice at Spotify’ focusing on streaming royalties and other artist-rights issues.

Now that campaign has been taken to Spotify itself, with the EP’s other tracks including ‘We Demand One Cent Per Stream’, ‘Pay Us’, ‘Pay Artists 1 Cent Per Stream’, and ‘If Spotify Can’t Pay Artists Fairly, It Shouldn’t Exist’. The tracks are also featured in a bigger playlist created by UMAW to promote its campaign. We’ll make a bold bet that they won’t be popping up on ‘New Music Friday’ though…

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