Tones and I set for Roblox Splash appearance and sound pack


Last week, we updated you on Roblox music creation app Splash, which has now been used by more than 21 million people.

Created by startup Popgun, Splash’s twist has always been that its beats and loops were created by the company’s AI. This week, though, it’s getting its first partnership with a human artist. Tones and I is the partner: Popgun has created a venue within its Roblox app based on her ‘Dance Monkey’ video – a big golf course surrounding a DJ stage – and is also making a ‘Dance Monkey’ sound pack available for players to remix and perform.

Tones and I will also be appearing in Splash this weekend: at 6pm EST on Friday and 9pm EST on Saturday, to chat to fans. Players will also be able to buy Tones and I virtual items (“verch” – could this term catch on?) in the venue, with the coins they’ve earned in-game.

Written by: Stuart Dredge