Fortnite already has a multi-layered money-making model: players can buy its V-Bucks currency for individual item purchases, but also a season-long ‘Battle Pass’ enabling them to unlock more stuff. Now there’s going to be a third tier: a monthly ‘Fortnite Crew’ subscription.

Players who pay $11.99 a month will get 1,000 V-Bucks each month (which usually costs $9.99) plus an exclusive character skin and items, and access to the latest Battle Pass for more rewards. It’s a way to make more money out of Fortnite’s keenest gamers: instead of just paying 950 V-Bucks for a season-long Battle Pass, they’ll be stumping up every month, but getting items that non-Crew gamers won’t have access to.

News that Fortnite can charge $11.99 a month for a subscription may, we suspect, also offer a bit more fuel for people within the music industry lobbying for music streaming subscriptions to go higher than $9.99.

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