Spotify ‘Hot Country’ playlist has generated 5bn streams


Happy birthday to Spotify’s flagship country music playlist ‘Hot Country’, which is five years old this month.

“Since its 2015 launch, it has amassed 6 million followers and seen more than 5 billion streams,” announced the streaming service in a blog post celebrating the anniversary. Although that reflects steady rather than startling growth for the playlist, since it reached the milestone of five million followers more than two years ago, in August 2018. Nowadays, ‘Hot Country’ is the top of a pyramid structure of country playlists on Spotify, with ‘New Boots’ and ‘Indigo’ underneath it, plus a wider ecosystem of themed playlists under those that extends to some surprising offshoots – ‘Country Workout’ or ‘Country Coffeehouse’ anyone?

Stuart Dredge

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