Spotify adds its new weekly charts to its mobile app


Spotify launched some new weekly charts in October this year, with global and US rankings for the top 50 songs and albums, as well as the top 10 debuts.

The company is clearly pleased with the rollout: it’s expanding the charts considerably, with 46 more countries getting weekly top 50 listings.

The weekly charts will now also be available in Spotify’s mobile app, which is a good step forwards: at launch, they were mainly available as infographics published through the Spotify Charts Twitter profile.

There’s still work to do: the new weekly charts aren’t being surfaced in Spotify’s desktop app, whose charts section still focuses on the daily top 50 and viral 50 rankings. However, if you follow one of the new weekly charts on your phone, it appears in the playlists sidebar.

Written by: Stuart Dredge