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Modern Sky, the biggest independent label in China, is also the promoter of one of the country’s biggest festival series: Strawberry Festivals.

Last week, the company revealed that while 50 of its Strawberry-branded events were cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-20, more than 30 of them switched to livestream formats.

Broadcast on 13 platforms and featuring 270 artists, the streams accrued 42 million viewers. However, at China’s current stage of tackling Covid-19, Modern Sky is already running physical shows again.

In the next few months, larger festivals will be taking place IRL, including Strawberry Music Festival, Wubaili Music Festival and MDSK Music Festival.

China’s strict quarantining system and other regulations have helped the live industry to start to get back on its feet, and it will be instructive to watch how these forthcoming festivals take place, and how successful they are.

Modern Sky is also launching a hybrid music festival / variety-TV show, with artists competing to win places on the Strawberry festival lineup. Another example of the growing trend for carefully-planned synchronicity between online and offline music culture in China.

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