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We haven’t written as much about Rocket League (three-word primer: football with cars) as we have about games like Fortnite and Roblox, but its creator Psyonix has been working with music labels like Monstercat for some time on its soundtrack.

Psyonix was bought by Fortnite publisher Epic Games in 2019, and this year relaunched as a free-to-play game, complete with Fortnite-style ‘seasons’ with different themes and content. The second season kicks off on 8 December, and it’s going to have a music focus.

That includes a deepening of the Monstercat partnership, starting with a new track from Kaskade and Will K called ‘Flip Reset‘ that is available within the game, with a full EP to come. It ties in with a new feature called ‘player anthems’ that will see players choosing songs to play whenever they score a goal. More Kaskade content will follow.

The bigger strategy is what’s interesting here. Monstercat has put more than 90 tracks in Rocket League over the past three years, with the partnership helping those tracks to more than 400m streams on DSPs. Growing the official ‘Rocket League x Monstercat‘ Spotify playlist to more than 30,000 followers has helped with that.

This year, Monstercat has also worked with Epic Games on an in-game radio station for Fortnite called ‘Radio Yonder’ – heard when players hopped into the cars in that game – and became the first label to strike a deal with Roblox to make part of its catalogue available to people creating games on that platform.

It’s one of the best case studies of how a label can really lean in to gaming, and that extends to its efforts to make its catalogue licensable by gamers streaming on platforms like YouTube and Twitch too, unsurprisingly also popping up in the launch partners list for the latter’s new Soundtrack feature.

Photo credit: Mark Owens

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