Ellie Goulding calls for more transparency with awards


Amid the ongoing controversy over the lack of nominations for The Weeknd in the next Grammys, Ellie Goulding has published her own questions about the way music industry awards work.

“My question to you, the music industry, is — and I ask this humbly to open a discussion — what constitutes the worthiness of an award? This is not rhetorical; I would love to know an answer,” wrote Goulding, who (as she points out in the piece) hasn’t won that many during her career. “I would love to know if what I have done throughout my career, and what so many other artists have done throughout theirs, in receiving a certain level of critical reception, does not qualify for some sort of formal recognition, then what does?” Goulding also raises the issue of transparency: “There appears to be a greater lack of transparency in our industries process of award nominations and voting — maybe those who are privy to the process, are able to take advantage of it?”

Written by: Stuart Dredge