Check your watches! We appear to have reached the traditional ‘op-ed in Billboard’ stage of the NMPA’s licensing battle with Twitch. In it, David Israelite takes aim at the livestreaming service’s recent blog post for creators about music usage, attacking its failure “to express that it could solve the entire issue for its streamers by securing the appropriate licenses”.

The piece proceeded to tear into what he described as “astounding admissions” in that post, from the Amazon subsidiary’s surprise at receiving DMCA notices to the claim that licensing may be difficult.

“Twitch – and its parent company – cannot seriously argue that their profit margins do not leave room to fairly compensate creators and songwriters for the use of their music,” wrote Israelite. “Instead of writing lengthy blog posts about how Twitch streamers can try to avoid getting DMCA notices and investing in tools to delete or obscure the use of music in Twitch creators’ content, Twitch should make the appropriate agreements to allow users to flourish…”

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