From festivals in Minecraft and concerts in Fortnite and Roblox to bespoke game-like worlds build to host musical events, 2020 has been a fascinating year for a blurring of the boundaries between games and music. The latest example is ComplexLand, a virtual online replacement for media company Complex’s annual ComplexCon music and fashion event.

The Verge has a good profile of how the event – which is free – will work online from 7-11 December. A virtual world has been built to work in people’s web browsers.

“Once you create an account, you’re dropped into a sort of abstract, futuristic cityscape and immediately prompted to create an avatar, choosing from various brandname hats and sneakers,” it reported. “From there, the experience opens up, with a big world full of NPCs to talk to and points of interest to explore. To emulate some of the social experience, there will also be a persistent chat where attendees can talk about the day’s events. Most importantly: there are plenty of places to shop.” Including scrambles to get in line to buy (real) new products as their virtual versions drop in ComplexLand.

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