AI is being used to bring Korean singers back from the dead


There’s a mini-trend afoot in South Korea that’s seeing some late entertainers return to the TV airwaves – thanks to artificial intelligence technologies. The Korea Herald has the story of music channel Mnet’s ‘Once More Time’ show, which is “resurrecting deceased artists through holograms and AI voice covers”.

Turtleman and Kim Hyun-sik are the first two dead artists to feature, with producer Yoo Seung-yeul talking about the sensitivities around making the project happen. “We were most careful when getting permission from the late singer’s family members,” they said. “We put the opinions of family members as our utmost priority when making the program. We met with not only family members, but also teammates and close friends. If we had any trouble with copyright or obtaining permission from family members, we didn’t proceed.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge