Happy birthday, Imogen Heap! What better way to celebrate than with a livestreamed press conference? Don’t answer that. But tonight’s event is the culmination of several years’ work for the British musician and technologist: it will mark the official open beta launch of Creative Passport, the “personalised online identity admin and connections tool” for musicians. This follows a closed beta earlier this year, shortly after the non-profit organisation appointed its first CEO, Carlotta De Ninni.

One of the open beta’s first services will be for musicians to create public pages sharing their information, with collecting society PPL on board to help them include their international performer number (IPN). “With ongoing discussions happening with other third-party service providers interested in plugging into the Creative Passport, combined with constant feedback from artists, we are very much looking forward to making this the industry-leading premium digital identity tool for the creative industry,” said De Ninni.

“After five years of boiling it down to the core of what Music Makers need to combat the irks and frustrations we experience daily in our industry, we now need a huge leap of faith from hundreds of thousands of music makers globally to bring about the next stage for real change,” added Heap.

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