Games videos watched for 100bn+ hours on YouTube in 2020


We know how popular music is on YouTube, including the service’s recent announcement that it has more than two billion monthly music users. But gaming is also hugely popular on YouTube, and the company has just revealed some stats for that too.

According to an interview with VentureBeat, people have watched more than 100bn hours of gaming videos on YouTube so far this year, including more than 10bn hours of gaming livestreams.

More figures: there are now more than 40m active gaming channels on YouTube, with more than 1,000 of them having more than five million subscribers, and more than 300 having more than 10 million. “We’ve doubled our viewership in the last two years. 2018 we came out with 50 billion hours of gaming watch time. This year we did 100 billion,” said YouTube Gaming boss Ryan Wyatt. The biggest gaming event was musical too: Travis Scott’s Fortnite performance.

Stuart Dredge

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