Rich Brian gets richer thanks to PubG Mobile partnership


Caveat: we don’t know the terms of this deal, so we’re taking a bit of a headline-suiting leap to assume that Indonesian artist and producer Rich Brian is, indeed, getting richer through his latest partnership. It’s the latest interesting example of a gaming tie-up for a musician though.

He’ll be appearing in PubG Mobile, the hugely popular (and lucrative) version of battle-royale game PubG. Having already performed at one of its live esports events in 2019, Brian is now getting his own ‘voice pack’ within the game, while also making a music video that will premiere during an upcoming livestream organised by label 88Rising.

According to analytics firm Sensor Tower, PubG Mobile – owned by Tencent – was the second top-grossing mobile game in the world in November, with more than $173.8m of player spending.

Stuart Dredge

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