Yungblud held a TikTok sleepover for ‘Insomniac’ fans


Yungblud is the latest artist livestreaming for his fans on TikTok, with an event last night that saw him performing tracks from his latest album as well as holding a Q&A.

Sensibly, his team also enlisted some popular TikTokers for the stream: Abby Roberts (who has 14.3 million followers), Jony Sios (1.2 million) and Benji Krol (13.3 million) who are all from the beauty/lifestyle influencer category. And yes, of course there was a hashtag challenge tied in: #CottonCandy encourages fans to “switch up your outfits” to the beat of his new track ‘Cotton Candy’.

More than 23k videos have already been uploaded using the song. Yungblud is hardly an ingenue when it comes to TikTok: his own profile has more than 1.9 million followers.


Image by Sven Mandel/ rawpic / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Stuart Dredge

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