In March, anti-piracy firm AudioLock teamed up with distributor Label Worx for an initiative called The Music Mission, focused on tackling paid piracy sites. Now it has been talking about the results.

It has protected more than 500k tracks from 2.7k labels so far, zeroing in on 260 piracy sites and sending Google delisting requests for 2.6m links. AudioLock told TorrentFreak that 136 of those sites are no longer engaging in piracy.

The company also says that it has seen an impact in the charts as a result of its work. “The most startling discovery has been content from as early as 2016 either recharting or more surprisingly charting for the first time during the period of the two phases of delisting carried out for the content being protected,” said CEO Ben Rush. “We think that it is possible there could be a lift on other releases at the same time as those protected by The Music Mission due to the legitimate stores being raised up in search, with many now in the first few results.”

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