Bandcamp Fridays have been one of the real bright spots in 2020’s Covid-19 crisis. Held on the first Friday of every month since March with Bandcamp’s revenue share waived, the sales have delivered crucial income to independent musicians and labels.

Now there’s a new figure for that success: “Over the course of these nine days, fans paid artists and labels $40 million dollars, helping cover rents, mortgages, groceries, medications, and much more,” announced Bandcamp this week, adding that nearly 800,000 fans were involved.

Now it plans to continue the program into 2021. “Although vaccines are starting to roll out, it will likely be several months before live performance revenue starts to return. So we’re going to continue doing Bandcamp Fridays in 2021, on February 5th, March 5th, April 2nd, and May 7th.”

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