We’ve learned to be wary of news stories about British dance pioneers The KLF’s catalogue going live on streaming services. When it happened in early 2013, it turned out to be fake news: the catalogue had been added to streaming services via a distributor by persons unknown – but who didn’t have the rights to do so. They were swiftly taken down. But now some of the band’s classics are available to stream, and seemingly this time it’s legit.

An album called ‘Solid State Logik 1’ includes hits like ‘What Time Is Love?’, ‘3AM Eternal’ and ‘It’s Grim Up North’, along with Tammy Wynette collaboration ‘Justified and Ancient’ and Doctor Who homage ‘Doctorin’ the Tardis’.

The release came with mysterious flyposters in London marking it out as official, and there’s also a KLF YouTube channel with videos. The BBC reported that the album is the first of several planned releases this year.

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