Swedish startup Staccs preps music concerts streaming service


A lot has been written about the growth of livestreamed music performances during the Covid-19 pandemic – including some shows that were pre-recorded.

Meanwhile, some artists and labels with archives of past concerts have been exploring YouTube as a way to keep fans entertained, including using its premieres feature to turn them into social events. Now a startup in Sweden called Staccs is looking to a next step: a fully-fledged video streaming service for music concerts. It’s due to launch in the Nordic region in the first quarter of this year, with a subscription model for its catalogue of “high-quality, premium video and high-fidelity audio” concerts.

Staccs will also be using a user-centric royalties model, with each user’s subscription divided between the rightsholders for the concerts that they have watched. Details of pricing, and the content of that catalogue, will follow in the coming weeks.

Stuart Dredge

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