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It’s our strong suspicion that Apple Music will soon have more than 100 million paying users, and that Apple is waiting for that milestone before updating its official stat from the 60 million figure it revealed in June 2019. If so, that’s why a new users stat is missing from Apple’s announcement reviewing its services’ performance in 2020.

“Apple Music had a record year as people around the world spent more time discovering and engaging with music,” said the company, adding that nearly 90% of iOS 14 listeners have used Apple Music’s latest features – Listen Now, a revamped search tool, personal radio stations and autoplay.

“Engagement with Apple Music’s industry-leading lyrics feature has doubled since 2020,” it added. Apple also says that its stable of live radio stations are reaching “tens of millions of listeners” – carefully vague, but an important hint at the scale of Apple Music’s radio arm.

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