Mariachi, Banda and more: how regional Mexican music streams


Analytics firm Chartmetric is embarking on a multi-part deep dive into ‘the rise of regional Latin music’, starting with Mexican music genres.

Based on data from services including Deezer, it suggests that genres including Mariachi, Banda and Norteño are prospering in the streaming world as part of a wider trend based on “the demographic changes happening in many countries, where, due to a sense of nostalgia, the Latin American diaspora is voraciously consuming music from their home countries, instilling in their kids a part of their identity”.

While these and other Mexican regional genres are rooted in tradition, the report points out that young artists are mutating them for new audiences. “As the Trap Corrido movement shows in the US and Mariacheño shows in Mexico, this new generation is putting their own imprint on the music they’re releasing, reflecting their current reality while incorporating their heritage.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge