Reah Keem is an influencer and DJ; she has a SoundCloud for her own music; she wears ‘Stay Punk Forever’ hoodies… and she’s entirely virtual. Welcome to 2021, folks.

Keem is the latest example of brands getting excited about ‘synthetic reality’ technology: LG gave her a starring role in its online press conference at the CES technology show this week, promoting a new robot called the CLOi UV-C.

As The Verge dryly described it: “Keem’s job was talking about how important the CLOi UV-C was to her own life, using the chance to talk about how excited she was to start traveling again in the real world — a world in which she technically does not exist.”

It’s unclear if Keem herself was created by LG, but it seems likely: the company’s press release said that it “introduced Reah Keem, a virtual composer and DJ made even more human through deep learning technology”.

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