Aim calls for UK / EU cooperation to resolve Brexit mess


Anger is still reverberating around the British music industry about the costs and red tape musicians will face touring in Europe following Brexit.

News that Brits running training seminars on the continent wouldn’t need a permit spurred artist Tim Burgess to note that “setting up The Charlatans Business Consultancy Inc – where people buy tickets and I sing my ‘research’ to them with a four-piece accompaniment” might be a necessity for his band.

Now UK independent body Aim has called for the UK and EU to get back to the negotiating table to sort out the mess for musicians. “Much about Brexit is not as the UK music industry wanted and there are, inevitably, complexities to the UK’s new relationship with the EU. However, it is essential that we focus on real issues where they arise, such as work permits, VAT and data, and work with Government and EU counterparts to fix them,” said CEO Paul Pacifico.


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Stuart Dredge

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