Expect more rows in 2021 over platform moderation of podcasts


Hot Pod News founder Nicholas Quah is one of the sharpest analysts of the podcasting industry, so his ‘2021 Year in Preview‘ post is well worth a read.

Among its predictions: more moderation rows ahead over the content of podcasts made available through big platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. “I have a strong feeling we’re just a few months away from really grappling with the fact that podcasting is fast becoming a prominent vector for misinformation and other types of troubling content,” he wrote. “Indeed, I suspect the problem is already pretty bad at this writing; it’s just that we haven’t figured just how bad yet. But the rot is already very much visible.”

As an example he cited a QAnon-affiliated podcast that is in and around the top 30 chart on Apple podcasts. “Podcasting’s capacity as a vector for misinformation is intimately tied to its historical nature as an open ecosystem where the barriers to publishing are low and anybody can theoretically reach an audience,” he continued. “And so it’s only a matter of time when podcasting, as mediated by a range of platforms, will start bumping into questions of content moderation, adequate policy, and the sensitive line between a platform acting on its responsibilities and a platform applying too much power.” This is just one of his predictions: read the full piece for the others.


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