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Video streaming industry firm StreamElements has published its latest report on the state of the livestreaming market, using data from analytics firm Arsenal·gg.

Among the claims: that Twitch saw its viewing hours grow by 83%, from 9bn hours in 2019 to 17bn in 2020. The report also suggests that in December 2020 alone, people watched Twitch for 1.7bn hours.

Unsurprisingly, games were the dominant theme for what people were watching: while the top category for viewing hours was ‘Just Chatting’ (1.9bn hours in 2020 according to the report) the rest of the top 10 were all games, led by League of Legends with 1.4bn hours. Note, these are not official figures from Twitch, which may publish its own year-in-review stats report at some point.

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