Why are sea shanties so popular on TikTok and streaming services right now? Wait for it… Because they arrrrrrrrr! With #ShantyTok establishing itself as 2021’s first unexpected social/streaming music trend, Spotify has revealed some stats on how sea shanties are catching on with its listeners.

The company says that its users have created more than 12,000 new playlists since 23 December that include ‘sea shanty’ or ‘sea shanties’ in the title. Meanwhile, searches for ‘sea shanty’ have grown by 630% on Spotify since late September, and a number of the most popular have seen triple or even quadruple-digit year-on-year increases in streams. And yes, Spotify is jumping on the bandwagon with its own Sea Shanties playlist, which already has more than 63,000 followers. Although it’s still some way sort of the biggest shanty playlist on Spotify which is, ahem, ‘Sea Shanties That Drop My Panties‘ with nearly 109,000 followers.

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