Buying catalogues is a sprint, but managing them is a marathon


It’s easy to buy a catalogue of songs – well, it is if you have the money, obviously – but the challenge of managing them well to grow revenues is an important challenge.

“Marketing is absolutely at the core of future success for song catalogues, even if lucky random breaks will continue to happen thanks to social media phenomena. But to shift the needle culturally on a catalogue requires a big, sustained and coordinated effort. And that is where it gets tough,” is how Midia Research’s Keith Jopling put it in a new blog post addressing the topic.

It’s a deep dive into the subject, exploring the role of song managers, catalogue marketers, legacy artists’ managers and either their estates or the musicians themselves in “creating a sort of rolling bandwagon of projects, related activities and woven-together threads” to keep a catalogue culturally relevant and financially healthy. It’s well worth a read.

Written by: Stuart Dredge