Gibson’s new guitar-learning app uses video and AR technology


We’ve written about the Fender Play app launched by Fender to help people learn to play guitar, but there’s more than one axe-maker with that ambition.

Rival Gibson has launched its new guitar-teaching app for iOS and Android, with video lessons, a tuner feature and a catalogue of songs to play along with.

The company has also worked with Swedish startup Zoundio to add an augmented reality feature to its guided lessons, including offering feedback on the user’s playing. They can also book free one-on-one video consultations with Gibson guitar techs “covering a variety of basic guitar tune-up and maintenance tasks”.

As with Fender Play, this is a paid-for app: after a free trial users can pay $14.99 a month or $89.99 a year via in-app purchase.

The Gibson app is a rebranded and relaunched version of Amped Guitar, which was originally created by Zoundio.

Written by: Stuart Dredge