The IFPI and its member bodies are on a drive to crack down on stream-ripping piracy destinations, but ‘streaming manipulation’ sites are also very much on their radar.

The latest proof is an injunction issued in Germany against a site called likeservice24·de, which IFPI claims is “a widely-used website engaged in illicit music streaming manipulation services”.

IFPI and German body BVMI sought the injunction to prevent the site from “offering artificial ‘plays’ or ‘views’ of streams on digital service providers as well as fake ‘comments’, ‘likes’ and ‘subscribers’ in connection with music content”.

The statement from BVMI boss Dr Florian Drücke hints at potential tensions around all this with DSPs. “Whilst we don’t know the specific steps that the streaming services themselves are taking on their platforms to directly prevent this activity, for our part, we are taking legal actions to ensure that the streaming market functions properly and without manipulation,” he said. Which does spark questions about how much information DSPs are sharing with labels, and the sensitivities around that.

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