In April 2020, Universal Music Group and Lego announced that they were working together on some new music-focused products for kids, to be released in 2021.

Now the first of those products has been unveiled. It’s called Vidiyo, and it includes an augmented reality app, a new collection of Lego minifigures, and a catalogue of music from UMG. Aimed at 7-10 year olds, the Vidiyo kits will go on sale from 1 March, and the idea is that children will create their own music videos using the physical figures and Lego ‘BeatBits’ that trigger special effects in the app: “from black and white bling effects, to confetti showers and even X-ray vision… audio effects such as DJ scratching, mouse voice or sax solo, as well as fun signature character moves and gimmicks, from breakdancing to surfing on a shark”.

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The app can create videos up to a minute long, which can be cut down to shorter lengths and shared to an in-app feed – with moderation to make sure children aren’t sharing personal details or showing their faces. It’s a really interesting idea, although the pricing of the kits will be an important factor in whether it catches on.

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