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App analytics firm App Annie has published its latest data on the growth of health and fitness apps in 2020. It claims that downloads of this category grew from 2bn in 2019 to 2.6bn in 2020, while consumer spending grew from $1.5bn to $2bn. Meanwhile, the firm estimates that more than 71,000 health and fitness apps were launched globally in 2020 alone. Meditation app Calm was the top earner globally.

The news came as yesterday’s NY:LON Connect fitness and wellbeing track saw Liz Moody, partner / chair of new media at law firm Granderson Des Rochers, offer music rightsholders some advice on how to license health and fitness startups more flexibly. “It’s still very hard to get music licensed… When I’ve got smaller companies that come to me, they’re kinda blown away by the amount of work that it takes,” she said. Moody later suggested that licensing smaller, more focused catalogues; more B2B players in the market to help startups; fixing publishing tangles; and exploring a sandbox of pre-cleared tracks for smaller services could all help.

We’ll have a full report on this panel, which also included speakers from UMG, Peloton, Calm and Tuned Global, in our recap report next week.

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