It took a while, but Spotify is finally live in South Korea, launching there yesterday with its 60m track catalogue and 120 new playlists tuned for the tastes of Korean music fans.

There’s a key difference to Spotify’s service in most of the rest of the world though, which is towards the end of the company’s announcement. “For those in Korea, the Spotify app is available to download for both Premium Individual and Duo plans. New Spotify listeners can try out Spotify Premium for seven days on their mobile phones — for free — without inputting their credit card information. Or, to enjoy three months of free Spotify Premium, add your credit card information by the end of June 2021.” In other words, there is no free Spotify tier in South Korea, just a free trial.

Spotify will be competing with the popular local streaming services including Melon and Genie Music, with global streaming services yet to have made a significant impact in South Korea.

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