Breakr wants to help artists find influencers to work with


As the ‘TikTok-fuelled hit’ stories keep coming, so the idea of enlisting influencers on that and other social apps to help break a new track becomes more appealing – even if manufacturing such virality remains challenging.

Breakr is one of the startups popping up promising to help. It’s a platform for ‘music influencers’ and artists, who can all create profiles and connect to run digital campaigns. “No more cold emails, unseen DM’s, or comment spam,” promises Breakr’s website, which also appears to be pitching it as an A&R platform for label execs to “organise inbound submissions, let our algorithm feed you the music you’re looking for, and monetise your feedback for emerging artists”. Hmm.

Billboard has more on the startup in a profile, including news that influencer and Triller chief strategy officer Josh Richards has invested in the company.

Breakr says it has around 12,600 artists signed up already, and 5,400 influencers.

Stuart Dredge

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