Slowly but surely, Facebook’s Oculus Quest virtual reality headsets are making a stronger business case for VR, and music game Beat Saber is at the forefront of that.

A new blog post from VP of content Mike Verdu revealed the latest stats for the game, which “has sold over 4 million copies across platforms and over 40 million songs from paid DLCs”. The latter figure is up from 10m songs sold by May 2020, indicating that Beat Saber has averaged more than 3.4m monthly song sales since then.

The post also gave the latest overall stats for Oculus Quest apps and games. “At Facebook Connect, we also shared that over 35 titles on the Quest platform had generated revenue in the millions,” wrote Verdu, in reference to Facebook’s developer event in September 2020. “About four and a half months later, that number is now more than 60 titles generating revenue in the millions, nearly twice as many as a few months ago. Put another way, that’s one in three paid apps on our store making over $1M in revenue.” That’s a decent hit rate, although the carefully-curated nature of the store plays an important part in that.

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