Early social streaming service Turntable·fm is coming back


It’s now a full decade since the launch of Turntable·fm, the music streaming service built around avatars and chat rooms. It got lots of buzz at its peak, but ultimately foundered – in part because it struggled with licensing. Could the idea work better in 2021? We’re going to find out.

One of the original team, Joseph Perla, is bringing Turntable back as a ‘mobile-first’ service, launching in beta this April. The basic idea is the same. “A music-focused social network designed for music discovery, community-building and emerging DJs to have fun, promote new music and share live music experiences,” according to the announcement.

“Designed as a virtual clubhouse with music, a points payment system will reward DJs who play popular songs that encourage people to make their virtual avatars dance.”

Perla has already raised more than $108k in crowdfunding and put a team together. And licensing? “Turntable will also engage the music industry to develop a breakthrough use case and business model that works for both artists and fans,” is the intention.

Written by: Stuart Dredge