Apple continues opening up with new Siri music option


As the European Commission’s team goes quietly about its work probing Apple in a Spotify-sparked investigation, the tech giant is continuing the process of opening up its devices and software to its music-streaming rivals. The latest evidence: beta versions of the next update for its iPhone software, iOS 14.5, which allows people to set a non-Apple music service as the default option when asking Siri to play tracks.

Not an enormous deal, admittedly, but it’s part of an opening up process that has included letting owners of Apple’s HomePod smart speakers set Spotify, Pandora and other streaming services as its default music player too.

Getting equal access to Apple’s hardware and Siri was one of Spotify’s key demands in its competition complaint, and while the two companies remain at odds on a number of other issues, these changes are good for users of Apple devices and non-Apple streaming services alike. And of course, Spotify will see its campaign as having played a role in that.

Stuart Dredge

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