Startup Fireside will be a cross between podcasts and Clubhouse


Bring on the Clubhouse clones! One of 2020’s buzzier startups is keeping its momentum going in 2021, but inevitably there are other companies springing up with audio chat-room style models.

One of them comes from a veteran of the tech industry, Mark Cuban, whose latest venture is called Fireside. It’s basically a cross between Clubhouse and podcasting, judging by The Verge’s profile.

It’s being described as a “next-gen podcast platform” with live conversations that can also be recorded (and thus, presumably, made available for on-demand listening as shows). “Today we say goodbye to current media platform limitations created by one-way conversations, a lack of interactivity, and non-existent analytics,” is how Cuban’s co-founder Falon Fatemi pitched it in an email to potential partners, which also promised “civil intelligent discourse, shared connected experiences, and genuine relationship building virtually”.

The idea of live podcasts with online audiences is something to think about: especially, perhaps, if you’re working on podcast strategy for Spotify, Apple, Amazon Music and co, wondering what to build (or, indeed, buy) next.

Written by: Stuart Dredge