Amazon regularly adds new music-related commands and features to its Alexa voice assistant, and many go under the radar of journalists and the music industry. The latest is worth noting though: owners of Echo smart speakers can now ask Alexa to “share this song with” one of their contacts – as in people they have set up as a contact in the Alexa app.

“Alexa will send the song to your chosen contact. The recipient can listen to the song using their Echo device and can send back a reaction,” explained Amazon. “When someone shares a song with you, Alexa will notify you on your device and through your Alexa app. To listen to the song just ask Alexa for your messages and she will then ask you if you’d like to hear the song that has been shared with you. You can also tap the mobile push notification sent from your Alexa app to choose which device you’d like to listen to the song on.”

Helpfully, the feature isn’t restricted to Amazon Music: Alexa will try to find shared songs on the default music streaming service created by the listener.

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