Rumours continue to swirl about Apple’s possible plans for an AR and/or VR headset, which may or may not launch this year, or indeed at all. But the company’s interest in augmented reality technology is no rumour: it has been working hard on providing tools for developers to create AR apps using its ARKit platform.

Now the company has published an inventive AR app of its own, as a spin-off from one of the shows on its Apple TV+ service. The show is sci-fi series ‘For All Mankind’, whose second season is premiering this month on Apple’s video streaming service.

The ‘For All Mankind: Time Capsule‘ app fills in the storyline between the show’s first and second series, getting fans to explore a collection of objects (a computer, a mixtape, an answering machine, a newspaper etc) that flesh out the TV show.

We think it’s interesting, because it shows an appetite within Apple to create this kind of content around an entertainment brand. And if for a TV show, why not for an artist or two in collaboration with Apple Music? We’d certainly be pitching the company some ideas if we managed an artist at the necessary scale…

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