Friday’s episode of the Music Ally TV Show was really interesting: an exploration of the music industry and environmental sustainability. “It’s more than just the right thing to do: it’s an essential business obligation,” said Dr Allen Hershkowitz, one of the world’s authorities on this area. “There is no one big answer to this issue… there is nothing too small to matter,” he continued, later returning to the point. “The ecological challenges that we face today are enormous. we’re talking about tremendously big numbers and large landscapes, and we’re talking literally at a planetary level… So that you don’t burn out, just recognise that every little thing matters, and we are here to keep the movement going.”

The show also featured MQA CEO Mike Jbara. “The Dow Jones Sustainability Index outperforms the standard Dow Jones, which supports the idea that companies that pay attention to sustainability are just better managed generally,” he said.

We were also joined by Chiara Badiali of Julie’s Bicycle, which works with music and entertainment companies in this area. “The first thing is just to start. Start wherever you can, and things will start falling into place,” she said. We will have a written report on the show up later today, but you can watch the full episode here on demand.

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