Having started life as an AI-powered mastering tool, Landr has expanded a lot in recent years: into distribution, for example. Its latest new service is called Sessions, not to be confused with the livestreaming startup of the same name.

Landr Sessions is essentially Zoom but made for musicians, including the ability to stream high-quality audio direct from their digital audio workstations.

The aim is to provide a tool that’s better than regular video-calling apps for musical collaborations, from songwriting sessions to full-on recordings, plus educational uses like music lessons.

Landr is also using some canny SEO tactics to promote Sessions: rather than a straight announcement or press release, there’s a blog post titled ‘Zoom Alternatives: The 5 Best Video Apps for Musicians‘. We’ll let you guess what is top of the list while we crack on with our ‘The 5 Best Music Industry Newsletters’ article…

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