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Music-focused channels were streamed for 24m hours in January, according to a report published by StreamElements using data from analytics firm Rainmaker·gg.

“At this same time in 2020, it was only averaging around 4.6 million hours, which illustrates the difference a year and a pandemic can make,” claimed the report.

It also breaks down the top 10 music channels on Twitch based on hours watched, with Insomniac the leader ahead of Abracadabra, Asot, Desert Hearts Records and ClubHouse Global.

The viewing total is impressive growth year-on-year – 428% – although music channels are still a niche on Twitch. Based on the report’s estimate of 2bn overall viewing hours for the service in January, a 1.2% niche to be specific.

Of course, music’s presence on Twitch stretches far beyond the ‘music’ channels being measured here. It’s widely used by the games channels that still dominate the platform, which is why rightsholders are so keen for Twitch to strike licensing deals.

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