Spotify’s annual year-end Wrapped campaign packages up people’s listening in best-of playlists, but now it’s being given a remix by AI-powered A&R startup Andrson. It has launched something called ReWrapped, which people can sign in to using their Spotify accounts. Andrson then puts its audio analysis engine to work on comparing their favourite tracks from 2020 with its own catalogue of new artists, suggesting similar-sounding acts. It’s as much a showcase for Andrson’s platform within the industry as it is a fully-fledged consumer launch.

“Right now, this tool is plugged directly into the Andrson database of musicians, but just imagine if this tech was plugged into a Spotify database or something similar. Our goal is to build a more meaningful form of music discovery and the most powerful audio analysis tool in the world,” wrote COO Neil Dunne in a post on Product Hunt announcing the launch.

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