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As British artists continue to bemoan the Brexit balls-up that threatens their ability to tour Europe, industry body the BPI is offering the British government a timely reminder of the potential value of music exports.

It has published a report claiming that this value could grow to more than £1bn (around $1.39bn) with a key caveat: “if Government works with the music industry to promote British artists overseas”.

That’s the nub of the report: setting out what the BPI wants the government to do. That includes renewing the Music Export Growth Scheme and doubling its grant support; introducing a music production tax credit scheme to encourage investment in that side of the industry; clearing up the mess it’s made of the Brexit agreement (we’re paraphrasing there: the BPI is more diplomatic); and standing firm against any attempts at “watering down of UK copyright” in trade deals.

The report presents all this positively, as spurs for the growth to £1bn of music exports. But you can read into it the industry’s fears too: of the government failing to renew the Megs scheme, and strong US-style safe harbours for UGC platforms rather than following the European Copyright Directive’s model.

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