Podcast update: Acast buys RadioPublic and Podimo raises €11.2m


Spotify’s big podcasting moves get lots of attention in the music industry, but the company’s aggressive push into podcasts has had a bigger ripple effect. From Amazon Music buying production firm Wondery to iHeartMedia’s recent acquisition of ad-tech firm Triton Digital, lots of big players are making big moves at the moment to position themselves for the upcoming spoken-word battle. And below those big players, there is plenty of activity too.

Veteran podcasts firm Acast has announced an acquisition of RadioPublic, a company that has a podcasting app but also tools for podcasters.

Meanwhile, Danish startup Podimo has raised €11.2m in funding, eight months after its Series A round of €15m. We wrote about Podimo then: one of its co-founders was former Spotify exec Eva Lægdsgaard.

To some extent, the pattern here is of everyone in the podcasting world scaling up: the bigger players to compete with Spotify and Apple, and the smaller players to make themselves tempting acquisition targets to help the bigger players further that goal.


Image by David MG /

Written by: Stuart Dredge