The growing popularity of hip hop and the changing habits of K-Pop fans are helping to fuel a digital music boom in South Korea that show little sign of abating, according to Clayton Jin, CEO, Warner Music Korea.

“K-Pop idols still shift a lot of physical product, but other, fast-increasing, local genres such as hip-hop are much more skewed to digital consumption,” Jin reveals in our latest Country Profile. The biggest surprise success of 2020, Jin adds “was not a K-Pop idol, but the tenor Kim Ho-Joong, whose album of classical songs sold more than one million copies last year.”

K-Pop fans, whose devotion to the idols often extends to buying several different editions of their new CD, are still hungry for physical products, according to Jin. “But they’ve also become passionate streamers, hoping to contribute to their artists’ success stories by heavily consuming their music on DSPs.” Read the full South Korea country profile here.

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  1. Actually the classic albums of tenor Kim Hojoong were sold about 520,000pcs in total. His other CD that
    contains Korean songs was sold about 530,000 pcs.

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