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Music streaming services should financially support broadcast radio… says a study commissioned by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

1,735 Canadians were asked for their opinions on a range of questions relating to radio in general, and commercial radio in particular. It found that while 68% listen to commercial radio every week, 39% are listening to streaming services. But you can bet the latter is the percentage that is growing, which will have been the motivation for a question about whether streaming services should “contribute financially towards the Canadian broadcasting system”.

54% of respondents agreed (a combination of ‘strongly’ and ‘somewhat’ that isn’t broken down in the published version of the study). Meanwhile, 50% agreed that streaming services should be required to ensure “a minimum amount of Canadian content is included on their playlists on a weekly basis”.

A pointer to debates to come on how (or if) streaming should be regulated in the same way as radio – particularly in countries with national quotas for broadcasters’ playlists – and even whether it should financially prop up radio as it continues to grab share of ear from it.

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